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EMR Solution (Blueberry Virus)

Based on the real workflow from experienced physicians' offices, Blueberry Virus EMR system was built with a set of useful Electronic Medical Records features thelp you manage your practice efficiently. You will be able to use Blueberry Virus EMR system for appointments scheduling, patients profiles management, patients visits management, prescription, billing and many other usefull features that are listed below.
Financial Management
Inventory Management
HR Management
Supply Chain Management
Purchasing Management
Sales Management
Clients Management
Fleet Management
Manufacturing Management
Virus was built as a set of desktop client applications that can interact with each other using secured channels over the Internet. In addition to the rich user experience of the desktop applications, Being Desktop allows each client to continue functioning as a separate entity offline in case of any Internet connectivity issue. This design will help clinics to spare the money and efforts that can be spent for setting and maintaining a local intranet within the clinic.