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LinkinSoft is a software solutions company established back in 2006. The company started off by hiring a mixture of experienced and fresh enthusiastic computer engineers. Our company believes in knowledge sharing, continuous learning and improvement. Hence, LinkinSoft has been involved in almost all industries helping them elevate their businesses through the usage of software solutions. Moreover, we are now contributing in companies’ online presence through implementing cloud solutions for easier information sharing and market learning.

CEO Message

The more cases you take into considerations; the more you will be prepared for tomorrow and the better decisions you make. I have spent the last 10 years listening to clients and understanding their problems. I learnt how to help them realize their problems, tailor optimum solutions and help them reach their goals. At the same time, every single day the knowledge gap is becoming deeper, wider and more complicated. Thank you; to everyone who gave, give and will give LinkinSoft the opportunity to handle their issues through proposing optimal solutions.

Mission Statement

Employ Technology to Enhance Organizations’ Core and Support Operations and overcome any future obstacles

Vision Statement

To help organizations and individuals excel at their work environments

Value Statement

To be the role model among software solutions enterprises and transfer our knowledge to the world.